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Dallas Morning News: Opinion: Grateful for Van Taylor

June 8, 2019

Re: “Plano rep is ‘Mr. Bipartisan’ — Conservative Van Taylor liberally makes the rounds on House floor,” May 22 news story.

What a wonderful man, and I am proud he is one of our Dallas Fort-Worth members of Congress. That is what went through my mind when I read this article on Van Taylor. What we need is more congressmen/congresswomen like Taylor to move the country forward.

As a Taiwanese American, I had the honor to meet Taylor twice during the past six months. During both meetings, the congressman listened to us with great interest, and decided right away to co-sponsor legislation that is of concern to us — his Taiwanese American constituents. Taylor also voted for legislation commemorating 40 years of close U.S.-Taiwan relations. We are grateful.

We therefore wish him Godspeed and look forward to a long and close relationship with him and his talented staff.

John Hsieh, Frisco, president, North Texas chapter, Formosan Association for Public Affairs