Van Taylor for Texas Senate

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PLANO, TX – Senator Van Taylor was appointed by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick to serve on the Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief. The Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief will travel the state holding public hearings and look for ways to improve the property tax process, as well as reduce the burden on property owners. The committee will then report their recommendations to the Finance Committee prior to the 2017 Legislative Session.

“Without a vigilant eye defending the taxpayers, government will naturally consume everything in its path," stated Taylor. “The math is simple, just because home values go up, that doesn’t mean it costs government any more to provide the same services to those same homes. Worse, while appraisal values increase the tax burden on working families, there is no guarantee that family incomes will rise at the same rate to offset this effective tax increase. This money belongs to the people, not government, and homeowners should not be punished with higher taxes when they are fortunate enough to see an increase in the value of their home.”

In a press release announcing his appointments to the committee Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick stated, “Texas voters have spoken and they clearly said they want lasting, meaningful tax reform. Proposition 1, this Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief, and recently passed legislation as well as Finance Committee interim charges are all part of a vision for a better Texas.”

On this Tuesday’s constitutional election, Texas voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 1 with nearly 87% of the vote. Proposition 1 will provide $1.2 billion in property tax relief a biennium by increasing the homestead exemption from $15,000 to $25,000.

For his commitment to cutting taxes and reducing the size and reach of government, Senator Taylor has earned the "Taxpayer Champion" award from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility every session he has served in the Legislature. Additionally, Taylor authored and passed the “Truth in Taxation” rule, which forces politicians to state clearly in the first line of any bill if there is an attempt to raise taxes or fees. Americans for Tax Reform have cited this rule as a successful blueprint for other states to implement and Senator John Cornyn and Congressman Sam Johnson submitted it as federal legislation.

A seventh generation Texan and local small businessman, Van Taylor serves the majority of Collin County and a portion of Dallas County in the Texas Senate where he is widely recognized as a conservative leader. Taylor serves as Vice-Chairman of the Nominations Committee and also as a member of the Education, Health and Human Services, and Transportation Committees. Van and his wife, Anne, married after his return from Iraq and are the proud parents of three young girls. Van and his family reside in Plano near the land his great-grandfather farmed during the Great Depression.